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McDvoice includes multiple survey questions so that the McD foodies can provide valuable feedback considering different aspects.

They can give ratings depending on the service and food quality in an online survey.

If you’re intending to provide an online McDonalds survey at McDonald’s official (McDvoice survey) portal for the first time, then this article is a must for you.

McDvoice Survey Questions!


To start the online survey for McDonald’s depending on your last experience, the latest McD billing receipt is a must. You have to enter details from it to start the survey.

After survey is over, look for the Mcdvoice validation code.

What questions are asked during the McDvoice survey? Read to explore all of them!

Sample Survey Questions

Make your way through the survey questions at McDonald’s; you must answer them all in accordance with your most recent visit to an McD location.

  • Is the maintenance level of the McDonald’s store good?
  • What was the time taken to serve your order?
  • What do you think about McDVOICE rewards?
  • Are you satisfied with the quality of food served at McDonald’s?
  • Is McDonald’s store clean?
  • How was the staff’s behavior at McDonald’s?

I think you are searching for the “Sample survey questions” that are been asked during the McDonalds Survey. These Survey questions comprise several questions that you need to answer honestly within no time, available in English & Spanish languages.

Please Select the Order Type Below

1) Carry-out
2) Drive-in
3) Drive Thru

Please rate overall satisfaction with your experience at McDonald

1) Highly Satisfied
2) Satisfied
3) Neither satisfied nor Dissatisfied
4) Dissatisfied
5) Highly Dissatisfied

Please Rate your satisfaction with

1) The friendliness of the crew
2) The Accuracy of the order
3) The Quality of the Food
4) The Taste of Your Food
5) The Ease of Placing Order
6) The Speed of Service

Please Rate your satisfaction with the restaurant

1) The cleanliness of the restaurant
2) The temperature of the Food
3) The value you received for the money you spent

What Items did you order?

There will different options to choose from based on the current menu.

Did you experience any problems during your visit?

You need to mention if there is any issue or not based on your experience.

How likely is it that you’ll tell others about McDonald’s after this experience?

Recommend this Mcdonald’s to others in the next 30 days. Return to this McDonald’s in the next 30 days.

Please tell us in three to four sentences why you about the experience at McDonald

You need to respond and write a few lines to them which helps them to improve products and services.

Were you asked to pull forward out of the drive-thru lane to wait for your order?

Mention your answer if it is YES or NO.

Did the crew member who asked you to pull forward provide an estimated time?

You need to mention the wait time you are asked to wait

Did the crew member who asked you to pull forward explain why there was a wait?

If the reason is satisfactory, choose Yes, otherwise NO.

Which of the following fast-food restaurants do you consider your favorite?

There will be many fast food restaurants mentioned over there like Burger King, Subway, KFC, etc. Choose your favorite one.

Make sure to answer all the McDonald’s survey questions based on your last experience with McD restaurant. If needed, provide feedback and suggestions too!

Once you submit the online survey you will find a mcdvoice validation code.

Kindly, note it somewhere, so that you can use it at McDonald’s restaurant on your next visit. You can gain free meals, surprise gifts, discounts, and add-ons to the ordered meal.

We’re glad to introduce the McDVOICE survey questions in this article. If you have any doubts or query kindly, note them in the given comment section. We will look into it!

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