McD’s is known for its quality, quantity, and taste of food, which draws millions of customers.

McDonald’s has introduced McDVOICE Survey to understand better the customer’s needs, service quality standards, food quality, employee behavior, and store cleanliness.

People in the United States and Canada have been very well responding to the Customer Satisfaction Survey and have claimed many prizes from the survey.

Survey Rewards for Customers

mcdvoice prizes

Before participating in the survey program, customers have to consider the rules, and important factors and requirements.

Customers should go to survey within 7 days, with a valid purchase receipt to enter the customer satisfaction survey and get a validation code to get some free food at McDonald’s.

The survey is for every McDonald’s store, no matter where they are.

Customers can take the McDonald’s Survey at, the official McDonald’s website.

Within 7-days of purchase, Use the survey code in the receipt to enter the survey program.

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey lets you win reward points and coupons you can use at any McDVoice store. There is a one-month validity period on the Validation code and there will be no extension to this period under any circumstance.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to enter the Sweepstakes after completing the McDVOICE Survey and receive a free entry into the prize drawing for a $100 gift card.

McDVoice Validation Code

By completing the McDVOICE survey procedure, you will receive a free validation coupon code. Your free rewards will only be available after completing the McDVOICE Survey.

The validation code can be redeemed at any McDonald’s restaurant. After you fill out this survey, you’ll get a coupon code that’s good for 30 days.

McDonald’s will reward you with free delicious meals and one lucky winner will receive some cash back. Enjoy!

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